Virgin Australia



Phone number: 1300 170 911

It is one of the most popular Australian airline companies which offers a large variety of different affordable flights and destinations to loads of other countries. It offers a great lounge service with comfortable seats, snacks, drinks and a pleasant environment. They are available in all Brisbane airport Terminals. This company was founded in the start of the 2000 year and it is based in Brisbane. Also the airline works together with some famous other airlines like Air New Zealand and Etihad Airways. The fleet consists of one of the most popular aircraft models Boeing 737 and its other modifications.

Departures Terminal of the Airline

This airline company operates in the Domestic Terminal. Also, it makes some flights abroad and they start from the International Terminal. Consider some of the most popular destinations which are offered by Virgin Australia in Brisbane airport:

· Sydney
It is one of the most famous cities all over the world which provides all visitors with loads of different modern services and different entertainments. Also, there is Sydney Opera House, which is one of the most famous and easily recognizable buildings in the world, a symbol of the largest city in the country, as well as one of the main attractions for travelers and tourists of the continent.

· Melbourne
This city can impress everybody with the great sights and with large modern buildings. Because of the holding of a large variety of international sport competitions in the city, sport tourism is popular here. Also, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world according to researchers.

· Queenstown
This city is surrounded by the pleasing eye mountains of the Southern Alps. Also, it is known as a center for extreme sports. This great city is also located some shores of the lake that is located beside the city and it is called Wakatipu which is located on the South Island of New Zealand.

Virgin Australia Arrivals Terminal in BNE Airport

The airline offers domestic and abroad flights, therefore it operates in the Domestic and the International Terminals respectively to make all the flights successful. Let’s consider some of the flights that are offered by Virgin Australia:

· Singapore
It is one of the most modern and popular cities all over the world. There are loads of different attractions, services, hotels and some work services which are available for all people who want to visit this large city. Also, it is one of the cleanest and green cities and one of the main targets of Singapore is to have the cleanest ecology and environment in the world there.

· Perth
The city of light impresses everybody with a large variety of different modern buildings or luxurious hotels with various pleasant services and options. There everybody can find a great calming environment and relaxing accommodations.

· Newcastle
It is a famous New Zealand city. There everybody can find a large variety of different sport competitions. Some music concerts take place in the city. Also, loads of festivals where various people enjoy the vibe and have a great time.

Services and Facilities of the Airline

The airline company provides their passengers and customers with loads of different services which are available for all the passengers. This company offers some great and luxurious lounge services which are available in Brisbane airport. One of the greatest advantages of Virgin Australia is good experience in aircraft that is approximately 20 years. There are usually three different classes which are offered by the airline: Business class for luxury lovers, Economy class for people who like to sleep during all flights and do not try to purchase something, Economy X that will offer you more services than the previous one. These classes are available for all airline customers. There you can also find helpful staff and employees, according to happy feedback. Let’s consider some of the Virgin Australia services that are available for all the passengers:

  • Affordable prices and helpful pleasant options;
  • Reliable storage of passengers’ baggage;
  •  Food and drink services with delicious courses and pleasant beverages;
  • Charging ports in the aircraft;
  • High-end qualified staff and experienced pilots that ensures the passengers safety;
  • New equipment, large number of the aircraft and its servicing;
  • Booking services with round-the-clock support which will be very helpful for everybody;
  • Great lounge services where loads of different options are available;
  • Wi-Fi access facilities which are available while the flight;
  • Great and frequent sales on flights;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant environment during every flight;
  • TV, music, films and other options.