Inter-Terminal Transportation

Inter Terminal Transportation bne airport

There are some different ways to travel between International and Domestic Terminals of BNE airport. Excluding a usual traveling on foot there are three common ways to move between the Terminals. Let’s consider all the ways.

Inter-Terminal Bus Transfer in Brisbane Airport

It is one of the most popular and affordable ways to do Inter-Terminal transportation. Buses of Brisbane Airport offer comfortable seats, air-conditioning, clear bus interior and permanent cleaning service. The ticket fare is $4.90. There is also Go Card service with its opportunities.

Airtrain transportation from Domestic to International Terminals

This is the most interesting way to travel between the Terminals. The railway track is located above highways and taxi rank. The transportation service offers great beautiful views, comfortable seats and Go Card facilities. Airtrain fare is $5 and time of transfer takes about five minutes.

Airpark transfer services between Domestic and International Terminals

The last way is an Airpark bus service. It has the same with Inter-Terminal transfer bus facilities. Airpark buses go between International and Domestic Terminals and also go through Airpark. Also there is a similar bus service that goes through Skygate mall. The bus frequency is high. Usually it takes about 15 minutes in peak hour. In case of time between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. the run frequency takes approximately 30 minutes.