BNE Airport terminals map

BNE Airport terminals map

The airport, located in the eponymous city, offers two terminals: Domestic and International. They deal with sending and tracking planes to the appropriate directions. Most people use the Domestic Terminal, although the International Terminal is also very popular among people who want to visit other countries.

Each of the Terminals offers the following services and facilities:

  • Lounges from loads of different airlines. Usually, their facilities and offers depend on ticket class;
  • High-end qualified staff which can help every visitor anytime;
  • Restaurants, cafes, sushi, bars and fast foods;
  • Comfortable seats for the people who wait their flight;
  • Schedule boards to track the plane and not to be late for the flight;
    Loads of ways to arrive the International Airport in time or get to it from different places.

BNE Airport International Terminal

This Terminal deals with flights to various countries and loads of popular cities of the world, such as: Dubai, Singapore, Taipei, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and some others. The entire network of the International Terminal consists of more than twenty different airports around the world. The most popular routes are: Changi Airport (Singapore), Auckland and world famous UAE city Dubai. According to 2019 estimates, the most popular departures from the International Brisbane Airport to other countries are to North-East or South-East Asia. If you count it together, it is more than 50%. But the rest of all people who fly to Europe are less than 1%.

Domestic Terminal of the Brisbane Airport

It is a huge building that takes up most of the airport. The Domestic Terminal serves Qantas and QantasLink to the north and Virgin Blue to the south, while other carriers such as Jetstar are served centrally in the common area. The Terminal has three lounges: Business Class, Chairman’s Lounge, and the very popular Qantas Club.

BNE Airport terminals map

Developing of the Domestic Terminal and becoming it as Brisbane Airport New Terminal

It was decided to expand and improve this Terminal. The whole idea was to increase the number of operating aircraft. From the side where the planes will be able to receive passengers, it will look like “U” that will be parallel to the runway and go around the Domestic Terminal and some car rentals that are closely located. The train track will also be improved at the airport. It will be looped and will increase the number of people transported between the terminals.

People transporting between the Terminals

Since the area of the airport is not small, it provides interesting and convenient ways to travel between Terminals.

People transporting between the Terminals

Skygate, AIRPARK and Terminal transfer busses

The airport offers three types of buses that have an affordable fee and comfortable seats.

The Skygate one transports people from the eponymous mall to some of the airport locations. Works around the clock.

The AIRPARK bus takes people from parking to the Terminals. Works around the clock too.

Terminal transfer bus runs between the Terminals every 15 minutes. It is available from 4:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Airtran of Brisbane Airport

The train runs every day. The schedule varies slightly depending on the day, but generally remains the same. Trains go every 15 minutes during rush hour. When it is off-peak time it goes with a frequency of thirty minutes. The trains offer their transportation for 5$ fee.

Location of the Terminals of BNE Airport

Location of the Terminals of BNE Airport

Terminals occupy not a small part of the entire airport. They are opposite the runway and close enough to Moreton Bay, which is directly part of the Pacific Ocean. The airport itself is surrounded by many parking lots and car rental services. In addition, a huge Skygate mall is located a 15-minute drive from the airport. Fisherman Island is located very close to the airport. The area is a port for cargo ships.

The Domestic Terminal is bigger both in passenger number and in size than the International one. Since the location is large, it requires the ability to navigate and understand where to go in the both Terminals. But fortunately, no one will have problems with this, as high-end qualified staff will help every visitor anytime. Also do not forget about loads of online schedules in the airport.

Common facilities and features of the Terminals of BNE Airport

Both of the Terminals offer loads of different services. The most popular features are provided by Brisbane Airport. But various of them are offered by the airlines of the Brisbane Airport. Here only a few from a long list of services:

  • Restaurants, café, fast foods and sushi;
  • Duty Free;
  • Accessories and cloth shops;
  • The airport offers storing the baggage;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Luggage transporting;
  • Loads of different ATMs;
  • Charging and water stations;
  • Vending machines;
  • Areas for smoking;
  • Showers;
  • Postal services;
  • Telephones.