bus bne airport

It is one of the most affordable transports that offers great and qualified drivers who know the locations, comfortable seats, air conditioning and free water facilities. Customers can buy tickets inside buses. The fare differs because of the route, location and directly the transport. There are some different types of buses at the BNE airport. The airport bus service offers loads of opportunities to book door-to-door trips that are cost competitive. There are some different companies or types of buses that are offered by the airport. Also there are some buses that go only the same route, and obviously frequently.

Brisbane Airport buses types and services

The city bus network moves approximately two-thirds of the Brisbane residents and customers annually and it is more than 75 million of visitors respectively. The airport and other bus companies provide their consumers with loads of different facilities. Let’s consider the main:

  • Comfortable and relaxing seats;
  • Air-conditioning and care about the passengers;
  • High-end qualified drivers;
  • Brisbane city and the eponymous airport maps;
  • Clean car interior and permanent cleaning service;

Working condition of the transport, fixing any engine problems and constantly taking care of the buses.

There are various bus opportunities that are offered by both the airport and other bus companies. Let’s consider what the opportunities visitors can deal with:

Buses to Brisbane Airport from other locations

The transport, which can get passengers to the airport, is approximately throughout the city. There are different routes that can get you. Also there is a booking service, offered by the airport. It provides people the opportunity to get the bus that will take him or her from another Australian city that is located close to Brisbane.

Buses from Brisbane Airport to Brisbane City

There is a large network of the Brisbane city buses. The chain occupies almost the whole city. There are some routes that go from the airport. The most popular is to the Skygate mall. It will be considered in the following paragraph. The Skygate mall is a famous location of the city and also it is a place where loads of other bus routes are crossed, so everybody can get to approximately any location of the city.

590 Bus timetable Brisbane

It is the bus that takes people between both Terminals and to the Skygate mall that was mentioned above. It offers an around the clock service. How fast the bus will arrive depends on the time of the day. Usually the buses arrive frequently at least 15 – 25 minutes. The fare is $4.90 if a customer buys a ticket. In case of go card peak or off-peak it will take $3.35 and $2.70 respectively.

BNE Airport shuttle buses and free bus services

There is also an opportunity offered by the airport and some other companies that is shuttle bus service. Depending on airline, tour, company and some other factors, it can be free or not. Usually if the visitor of the city has free transportation to a hotel for example, he or she can easily get there without any fares.

Now let’s consider the shuttle bus service. It is a special transportation to different locations of the city. It can be Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or even Noosa Heads. Usually it is a door-to-door trip, so do not forget about it. Con-X-ion offers such services and it is popular among visitors. It is located in the airport. If you are in the International Terminal, you have to get to the Visitor Information desk. In case he or she is in the Domestic Terminal, the person can find it outside of the Terminal forecourt at the end of it.