Lounges in Brisbane Airport

Lounges in Brisbane Airport

Brisbane is a great and known throughout the world city which has its own eponymous airport. It works with some other companies and airlines. Some of them operate in different Brisbane airport locations. They offer lounges, special services and more pleasant options. Also, if any visitor has not booked the lounge, he or she can get to My Lounge service or Plaza Premium Lounge and get the access. The individual will have to pay for entry. They both are located in the International Terminal. According to all the visitors’ feedback, lounges are the best place to rest and relax before any flight.

Brisbane Airport Lounge Services and Options

There are loads of different airlines in the airport. They offer various different facilities. Sometimes they are different, but it is not hard to highlight the most common of them. Lounges are considered the best place to wait for the flight. Let’s consider what services the airport lounges provide customers:

  • Unlimited free snacks or drinks;
  • A great buffet with delicious food from different cuisines;
  • Loads of selections of alcoholic drinks from popular vines or beers to high-end cognac or whiskey;
  • Comfortable seats with a pleasant environment and temperature;
  • High-end new equipment with a great service;
  • Relaxing atmosphere that does not depend on the weather outside;
  • Unlimited free and fast Wi-Fi access;
  • TV, music and other entertainment;
  • Shower services.

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The International Brisbane Airport Lounges and their Features

There are loads of different lounges in the airport. They are offered by Australian and other airlines. Let’s consider them from International to Domestic Terminals.

International Airline Lounges in Brisbane Airport

Qantas Club
It is a very popular and famous Australian company. It has three lounges in the airport building. One of them is located in the International Terminal. The entrance is behind the News Travels service. It has its own schedule. It is located in the level 3 of the Terminal. It offers a large food variety from hot and pleasant barista-made coffee to bubbles and ice-cold beers. The lounge room is equipped with high-end new equipment and attractive decorations. It ensures that the lounges are one of the best places for catching-up work or reconnecting online. Lounges provide visitors with free and fast Wi-Fi.

Emirates Lounge

Dubai is a popular city all over the world. It is known for its luxurious modern buildings and high-end services. In the Emirates lounge everybody will obviously find a hassle-free and relaxing environment, attractive decorations and qualified employees. Also, it provides customers with great buffets and delicious unique dishes from high-end chiefs. Also, there is a shower facility. The lounge is located on level 3.

Lounge of Air New Zealand Airline

The first thing that strikes customers is a unique modern equipment and pleasant environment. It is known as a spacious and sleek lounge. The main features are business facilities, light refreshments, TV, magazines, showers and hair dryers. It can accommodate approximately 180 visitors. Usual food service is a bar and light refreshments. To sum up, it is a pleasant and relaxing lounge with unique luxurious design and great service. The lounge is located after immigration and security departure service, close to the escalator between 81 and 82 gates.

My Lounge

One of the main features of this lounge is a per-per-use service. It offers a great pleasant accommodation, high-end employees, new equipment and various food services. The lounge food service provides consumers with Australian cocktails and wines, craft beers, buffet, snacks and unique dishes from different cuisines. Attending the lounge, keep in mind that there is a dress code. The airport lounge asks all customers to wear smart clothing. Also, My Lounge staff has a special dress that is necessary for work. The lounge offers a shower service. There is a smoking area facility.

Plaza Premium Lounge

The famous and popular airline company offers a great accommodation in Brisbane airport. It welcomes visitors with a modern interior and new equipment. Everybody can find a great food variety there. There are vegetarian options, bar service, draught beer, food and beverage service.

Lounge of Singapore Airlines (SilverKris)

It is a great lounge service which has a unique customized design. Singapore Airlines has four lounge services. The name of the lounge is SilverKris. It provides customers with a great accommodation and food service. There is a large variety of light snacks and warm food. SilverKris lounge is located on level 3, close to Gate 82.

Domestic Airline Lounges in BNE Airport

Domestic Airline Lounges in BNE Airport

Qantas Club Domestic

There are two lounges in the Domestic Terminal. It has the same features as the International lounge. For example, it offers a food variety from hot and pleasant barista-made coffee to bubbles and ice-cold beers. The lounge room is equipped with high-end new equipment and attractive decorations. A large menu that has dishes which will be both healthy and delicious. You can find one of the lounges in Premium Entry which is close to Qantas Check-in Area, level 1. The second lounge is located on level 2 Near Gate 22.

Virgin Australia Domestic lounge

It is a famous Australian airline. It offers high-end barista service, where you can order a fresh cup of coffee, loads of different elite alcohol drinks and a great food service with its own features. Everybody can find something entertaining and relaxing which will satisfy all years visitors there. The lounge is located Near Gate 40 on level 2. Also, there is the Premium lounge entry which is located on level 1.