Area Map of Brisbane Airport

The airport is located in Brisbane city. Brisbane airport has two Terminals International and Domestic respectively. The Domestic one serves more than the second Terminal. It also has three “fingers” where VIP lounges from popular airlines like Qantas or Virgin Blue are located. The airport has two runways which are located parallel to each other. BNE airport building is located close to Moreton Bay.

The Domestic Airport map of the eponymous Terminal

It is a building which is older than the International Terminal and handles more customers than the second one. Visitors can find a taxi rank close to the Terminal, Airtrain service and loads of different buses. There are two main levels of the Terminal. First level is split into two major airlines Virgin Australia and the very famous Australian airline Qantas. Level 2 has loads of different departures. It has various services, schedules and high-end staff that helps customers. The building consists of the main part which has two levels and three “fingers” with lounges. The building is located close to Moreton Bay.

Area Map of Brisbane Airport

Map of the International Airport Terminal

This building is not very old, but it is very popular among people. In spite of not having as large people turnover as the Domestic Terminal, the International one has its own benefits and advantages. It is located close to the ends of runways. The building has four levels. Consider them:

Level 1
The level is split into some of the airline lounges. The airlines, which operate there, offer loads of different great facilities for their passengers.
Level 2
It is a location which offers a large variety of different services for customers. They can find cafes, fast foods, restaurants and other stores there.
Level 3
It obviously has the same facilities as the previous level, but the variety of stores is different. Also, there are ATMs, currency exchanges, Duty Free service and the airline officers.
Level 4
This level offers a check-in service. There are VIP lounges, retail concessions, information counters and baggage services.

BNE Airport map and layout

The International airport is surrounded by loads of different green fields, stores and other services. In addition to having two Terminals, the airport also has various hangars and aircraft services which are located on the other side of the old runway. There are detailed maps and layouts of both International and Domestic Terminals of Brisbane airport.