Transport bne airport

Location of the airport is sufficiently large. There are loads of different ways to travel anywhere from or to the airport. Let’s consider the most common transports that people usually use:

Busses of BNE Airport

It is one of the most affordable ways to travel that offers comfortable seats and air conditioning. There are three types of busses of the BNE airport:

Transportation for public

It is a common bus service with routes going through the Skygate Centre. You can buy tickets inside the bus. The fare is $3-5 and it changes depending on time or some ther factors like time of day, go card or paper ticket.

Inter Terminal transportation

Inter Terminal transportation

There are two routes that will take visitors to any of the Brisbane airport Terminals. People can choose the AIRPARK transfer bus that goes from the eponymous parking lot to the Terminals. On the other hand, they can choose the Terminal transfer bus that goes only between the Terminals.

Shuttle service

It is a service that offers people transportation from the airport to various locations of Brisbane like Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Or it can take people to the airport from other locations. It is important to consider that it is a one-way ticket to any location.

Transport bne


It is popular but not as affordable as buses, for example. It can take travelers from anywhere and also drive them to their destination point. There are different types of taxi cars from cheap to expensive.

Two official companies operate in Brisbane airport. The fares are usually the same. Also keep in mind that there is a $4:

First is 13 cabs. It offers fast and careful drivers that will take you in time. Usually the company uses Toyota cars like Toyota Camry and others. Also the company offers some kinds of passenger van.

Black & White Cabs has the same facilities as the previous one. It is a more popular company than the first one, but the level of the staff and servicing is almost equally good.

Car rental

There are loads of different companies that offer consumers different cars for different purposes. The companies` offices are located in both Terminals of the BNE airport. The range of the cars is usually large. Let’s consider some of the companies:

Europcar is a subsidiary French car rental company. It offers a wide range of different car brands. The company is located in both Terminals. It operates every day from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Hertz is a popular all over the world US car rental company. There is an office in Domestic Terminal and one more close to AIRPARK.

Thrifty is a subsidiary of the previous firm. It is an American car rental agency. Thrifty is located in Domestic and International Terminals and also near AIRPARK.

Airtrain transport bne airport


It is one of the most interesting ways to arrive at Brisbane airport. It frequently comes there by the air track that gives people some spectacular views to the city and to the eponymous airport. It has high-end staff that helps anywhere and anytime, affordable prices, some other services inside the train and comfortable seats with exciting views on the side. It also can be used for inter Terminal transferring.

If somebody cannot get to the station, he or she has to go to any of the Terminals. If the person is in the Domestic Terminal, he or she can find the station in front of it. But if the individual is in the International Terminal, the person needs to take the elevator to Level 3 and then only follow the airport signs.

The fares differ depending on destination. The adult fare is $19 if he or she chose a one-way ticket. The round trip will charge $37 from visitors.