Airtrain map BNE airport

Airtrain map BNE airport

There is one of the most interesting and comfortable ways to arrive in Brisbane or to the eponymous airport. Trains come frequently. It makes it a convenient way to travel. The railway tracks are often located above roads and highways, so that gives people some spectacular views to the city and to the eponymous airport. It has qualified employees which helps passengers. Also it offers affordable prices, some other services inside the train and comfortable seats with exciting views on the side. People who have just arrived at Brisbane airport can consider the train as a good transport for travel in the city. It also can be used for inter Terminal transferring BNE airport.

Facilities of Airtrain Brisbane

The Brisbane trains are modern and well-equipped. They offer loads of different interesting services. Let’s consider them:

  • Convenient and spread routes throughout the whole city;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant compartment;
  • Wi-Fi access;
  • Go Card service that charges less than a common ticket;
  • Modern high-end equipped interior;

Some different offers for any group of people like family, friends or a single passenger.

Skytrain Brisbane Costs and Fares

Usually people, who want to travel by any train, buy tickets. There is a Go Card system that reduces almost all fares. A common trip for adults charges $19 if it is a one-way trip. The round trip will charge $37. Tickets for children cost $28.5. Also there are some more offers for different groups of people.

If the airport visitor wants to get a ticket, he or she needs to get to Airtrain desks, which are located in both International and Domestic Terminals. If the customer has any difficulties finding it, then he can follow the map or ask for help from the staff.

Airtrain bne airport

Routes and trains from Brisbane Airport to Central Business District

There are 6 main railway tracks in Brisbane city. In the center of the city they have the same direction since all of the lines come through the central business district. It is a place where the most modern buildings and technologies are concentrated. But the line ends come to different sides of Brisbane. Consider, what locations of Brisbane they arrive:

Green line

The line comes from Sunshine Coast. It passes through Brisbane and ends in Rosewood. It is one of the longest railway tracks in the city. Caboolture, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich, Rosewood are names of the one green track.

The sky blue line

The track starts from Kippa-Ring. Most of the track has the same destination as the previous one. Redcliffe Peninsula and Springfield are names of this line.

Blue line

The line starts from Shorncliffe, close to Moreton Bay and ends in Cleveland, also near the bay. It consists of the Shorncliffe and Cleveland lines.

Yellow line

This line starts from the international airport. It passes through Skygate mall. The end of the line is located in the Gold Coast. It is divided into Airport and Gold Coast lines.

Purple line
Doomben line is the shortest railway track in Brisbane. It starts from the eponymous location and ends in the Central Business District.

Red line

It is the single line that starts from Ferny Grove that is located farthest from Moreton Bay. It ends in Beenleigh.

The Brisbane rail track

Brisbane train lines are spread throughout the city. There are some ways of traveling that are main.

Inter-Terminal transferring

It is very useful, excluding shuttle, bus or other transport, for Brisbane airport visitors.

Traveling through the city

This is one of the most popular ways to travel. The main benefits are, large line network, affordable prices and comfortable seats.

Traveling to Brisbane from other cities

It is a comfortable, long trip with pleasant service. It offers free Wi-Fi access for passengers and beautiful views on the side.