Taxi bne airport

Taxi is not always the most affordable way to get somewhere, but it has some distinctive advantages. For example, a taxi cab can take passengers approximately everywhere. The destination point and the route length will depend only on money and road. One of the greatest things about taxi is sociable drivers who can keep the conversation going and talk about almost everything. Taxi services operate around the clock. If a customer has any difficulty with looking for taxi rank, he or she can contact the Kerbside Officers who will help him or her.

Cabs of Brisbane Airport

There are two official taxi companies which operate in both the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal. They offer different classes that differ by their services. First let’s consider the taxi companies of Brisbane airport:

13 Cabs

The company offers fast and careful service that will take every passenger in time. Usually the company uses Toyota cars like Toyota Camry and some others. Also 13 Cabs offers some kinds of passenger vans for customers who have different purposes.

Black & White Cabs

This taxi firm has the same facilities as the previous one. It is a more popular company than the first one, but the level of the staff and servicing is approximately at the same high-end level.

Taxi car classes and types

Usually people have different targets and purposes for traveling, therefore there are different classes of taxi. All the classes have both high-end qualified employees and a great service. But there are some differences that have to be considered:

A common cab

It is a common taxi with usual fare and great equipment. The both 13 Cabs and Black & White cabs use very popular and reliable cars like Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Lacetti and others. It offers air conditioning, sociable drivers and comfortable seats.

SUV (Sport Utility vehicle)

It is a very comfortable and interesting transport for everybody. It offers great and very comfortable seats, beautiful views and very pleasant and soft suspension. Also this class of taxi usually is a bit faster than others, but all the drivers are qualified and careful, which ensures enjoyable travel for people who use this transport.

Maxi cab

This taxi is for groups of people that cannot fit in a common taxi vehicle. There can be approximately 10 persons inside. It offers great accommodation inside, large luggage storage, air conditioning and comfortable seats. Usually it is a Toyota Hiace that is converted and equipped for a taxi service.

Silver Service

It is not the usual cab. It has loads of the same facilities as a common taxi, but there are some small differences. It offers silver luxurious cars with experienced drivers. Usually it is not as affordable as the common taxi.

Business class

This class offers the best of all previous classes’ service. It has the newest equipment and different interesting car models.

Services of BNE Airport Taxi

There are some facilities that are the same with every taxi company in Brisbane airport. let’s consider them:

  • Comfortable seats and pleasant salon;
  • Communicative and qualified drivers that will not get the passengers bored;
  • Equipment that ensures safe travel;
  • Distance and fare tracker due to which ensure fair fare.
  • Taxi from Brisbane Airport Taxi Rank to the eponymous city

The first taxi rank is located close to the Domestic Terminal, under Skywalk. The second one is in front of the International Terminal. There are Kerbside Officers who help people with taking a taxi. Usually every taxi can get the passengers to downtown Brisbane for approximately 20 minutes.