Services BNE airport

service bne airport

One of the main features of the airport is offering loads of different services for their customers. The airport takes care of all the visitors providing various facilities. Also, the companies and airlines, which are partners of BNE airport, offer their own unique services.

Facilities and services for customers provided by BNE Airport

To begin with, let’s consider the facilities of the airport itself.

Food and drinks

In the airport building it is easy to find any cafes, fast foods or restaurants. Their main features are affordable prices, delicious food, pleasant drinks and great relaxing seats where everybody can wait for the flight. Visitors can find there:

  • Seeds by Bruno Loubet. It is a pleasant and popular cafe that provides a great service for customers.
  • Newstead Brewing Co Airport Taphouse is a place where you can acquire a unique dish. It is a kind of restaurant.
  • Sushi Sushi is a store with an eponymous food. It has great feedback from all the customers.
  • Krispy Kreme is a cafe offering tasty donuts and great employees.


The airport provides its visitors with loads of different shops where they can find anything they want. Also, there is a Duty Free service. Consider some prominent stores.
Sunglass Hut provides customers with affordable high-end accessories.

Australian Way is a store with loads of different clothes and other things from Australia.

Gadgetshop offers the newest electronics and gadgets from all countries.

Lounge services

First of all, visitors can find seats approximately everywhere. If necessary, helpful high-end qualified employees will help every visitor there. Temperature and environment of the building is exciting. Visitors can find flight schedules there. There are also a lot of different exciting and attractive features in the building like decorations or banners with different helpful information. Walking through any of the Terminals visitors find different vending machines and ATMs. There are also available currency exchanges.

service Brisbane Airport

Airport Village of the Brisbane Airport

There is a Skygate mall. It is located close to the airport. There are similar services as in Brisbane airport. Visitors can also find some stores, cafes and other facilities that are not available in the airport.

Usually people arrive there by different kinds of transport. Brisbane airport offers Skygate loop service which takes people to the eponymous mall. Also, every visitor can take a taxi but it will not be as affordable as the bus service.

Other facilities for customers

There are also some interesting and helpful services..

Showers of Brisbane Airport

The airport provides visitors with shower services. They are available in lounges and in both Terminals.

BNE Airport Lost and Found service

There is a service that helps visitors to find lost items. It is available in Visitors information desks which are located in both Terminals.

Prayer rooms in the International Airport

Brisbane airport provides visitors with quiet rooms for both meditating and praying. It is located in the International Terminal of the Airport.
Smoking area in Brisbane Domestic Airport

There are some areas dedicated to smokers.

Vending machines

There are loads of different vending machines in Brisbane airport. It is easy to find them everywhere. Also, there is a “Health Pod” machine that offers personal health and hygiene items.

Water stations

Customers can find water stations that are approximately everywhere in the building of the airport. Also, they are located in car parks, drop and pick up areas.

Brisbane Airport Baggage services

The airport storing system ensures safety of the passengers’ baggage. It will not be damaged while traveling.

Storage of baggage in BNE Airport

Brisbane airport high-end qualified employees take care of baggage. They use new equipment for the work.

Mail and messaging services in the airport

There is an opportunity to send a postcard in Brisbane. To get full access to mail service, visitors have to find a post office that is located the most conveniently.

Free Wi-Fi in Brisbane Airport

The airport provides people with unlimited fast free Wi-Fi. To get it, you have to find “BNE free Wifi” and select it. Also, it can be changed.

Charging stations

Going through any of the Terminals, visitors can find a charging station. Usually they are located close to any seats that enable people to charge and work with their gadgets. Also, the airport staff can help visitors to find it.

Airline services in Brisbane Airport

The next services are provided by Brisbane airlines. Most of them are offered by the largest companies like Qantas, Virgin Blue, Chinese airlines, Air New Zeeland and others.


Brisbane airport lounges are located in both International and Domestic Terminals. Some lounges are located in the building of the first Terminal. The second one, in addition, has three “fingers” where lounges from the main airlines of Brisbane Airport are located.

Snacks and buffet

It is available in lounges for passengers. They usually offer free snacks, drinks and unique dishes.

Premium features

There are loads of different entertainment in airline lounges of the airport. It offers free music, TV and Wi-Fi access. Also, there are features for parents like parent rooms which are equipped with feeding chairs, baby changing and other children facilities.