SWISS Airline



Phone number: +41 848 700 700 24

Arrivals Terminal:

Terminal I – International

Upon your arrival at Brisbane Airport, SWISS Airline passengers will experience a warm welcome at the Arrivals Terminal. Our hospitable staff will assist you and provide all necessary information for a smooth transition and baggage retrieval.

Departures Terminal:

Terminal I – International.

If you’re ready to embark on your SWISS Airline journey, the Departures Terminal at Brisbane Airport offers all the amenities you need. Friendly staff will greet you, ready to assist with check-in and security procedures.


SWISS Airline operates flights to and from Brisbane Airport, ensuring passengers a comfortable and reliable travel experience. We offer various routes and services to cater to your needs. Just before departure, check your flight information, gate, and other vital details through our partner, Brisbane Airport.

For your convenience, SWISS Airline provides online check-in options as well as in-person check-in at Brisbane Airport’s Departures Terminal. Please make sure to arrive in advance to allow sufficient time for check-in, baggage drop, and security screening. Our goal is to make your SWISS Airline journey as pleasant and secure as possible.