Jetstar Airways



Phone number: +613 9645 5999

This airline is known as a low-cost or value-based Australian airline which is headquartered in the large city of Melbourne. This airline company is a subsidiary of Qantas. The main target of Jetstar Airways was to lead the Australian market by low-cost carrier Virgin Blue. Jetstar serves a wide network of different Australian destinations and provides some services flights abroad. The main base of the airline is the airport in Melbourne. Jetstar Airways has a great experience in the airline industry and also can show off a great fleet which includes one of the most popular aircraft Boeing 787, Airbus A321 and Airbus A320.

Brisbane Airport Departures Terminal of Jetstar Airways

The airline operates in the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal of the airport in Brisbane to make their flights successful. There are some different destinations which are provided by Jetstar Airways. Let’s consider some of them:


The tourism industry plays an important role in the region’s economy. For foreign tourists There is Wet Tropics of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and the Atherton Plateau as well as the tropical climate and sandy beaches of the Coral Sea, are of greatest interest. Many special amusement parks and attractions have been built around Cairns, various excursions and entertainment tours are offered. For example, there are wine tours which involve visits to wineries and tastings of various wines, and for lovers of thrill experiences an excursion to a crocodile farm is offered.


It is a famous city all over the world that provides all visitors with loads of different great entertainments and new services. Also, there is easily recognizable and one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House that is a symbol of the great city in the country, as well as one of the most favorite tourist attractions of the country and continent.


The great city of Australia not only impresses people with the great sights of the city, but also with large modern buildings.

Jetstar Airways Arrivals Terminal

Since this airline does not have its own Terminal, it has a codeshare agreement with some other Brisbane airport airlines and operates in both the International and the Domestic Terminal. Let’s consider some more destinations which are provided by the company and available for everybody:


The capital of Australia has calm and pleasant weather during the whole year. Also, there are loads of interesting sights.


This great city is located in a picturesque area on the shores of the Indian Ocean. There is Australian third largest island Kangaroo Island that is a wildlife sanctuary with a colony of sea lions and a good fishing coastline which attracts tourists to Adelaide.

Jetstar Airways bne airport

Services and facilities of Jetstar Airways

The airline company provides their passengers and customers with loads of different services which are available for all the passengers. One of the greatest advantages of Jetstar Airways is great experience in aircraft. There are two classes which are available for customers: Business can Economy class. There you can also find helpful staff and employees, according to happy feedback. Let’s consider some of the Jetstar Airways services that are available for all the passengers:
Booking services with round-the-clock support which will be very helpful for everybody;

  • Affordable prices and helpful pleasant options;
  • High-end qualified staff and experienced pilots that ensures the passengers safety;
  • Great and frequent sales on flights;
  • Food and drink services;
  • Reliable storage of passengers’ baggage;
  • Online management platform that helps people to make their flight successful;
  • New equipment and servicing the aircraft;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant atmosphere during the whole flight;
  • Wi-Fi facilities that are available while the flight;
  • TV, music, films and other options.