Fiji Airways



Phone number: 1800 230 150

Arrivals :

Terminal I – International at Brisbane Airport.

Departures :

Terminal I – International at Brisbane Airport.

Key features and characteristics of Fiji Airways:

  1. International Connectivity: Fiji Airways operates flights to a range of international destinations, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong, and several Pacific Island nations. It serves as a vital link between Fiji and the global travel network.
  2. Domestic Services: In addition to its international flights, Fiji Airways provides essential domestic air services, connecting the main islands of Fiji. This is vital for both local residents and tourists exploring the diverse attractions within the country.
  3. Fleet: Fiji Airways maintains a modern fleet of aircraft, which includes Airbus A330 and Boeing 737 models. The airline’s commitment to fleet renewal ensures passenger comfort and operational efficiency.
  4. Fijian Hospitality: Known for its warm and friendly service, Fiji Airways strives to showcase Fijian hospitality to passengers. The airline aims to provide a cultural and enjoyable experience, reflecting the spirit of the islands.
  5. Partnerships: Fiji Airways has established partnerships with other airlines, allowing for seamless travel connections and code-sharing agreements. This enhances the overall travel experience for passengers and expands the airline’s reach.
  6. In-Flight Experience: Passengers on Fiji Airways can expect a comfortable in-flight experience with a focus on Fijian-inspired cuisine, entertainment, and amenities. The airline seeks to offer a taste of Fiji even at 30,000 feet.
  7. Sustainability: Like many airlines, Fiji Airways has shown an increasing commitment to sustainability. This includes initiatives to reduce environmental impact through fuel efficiency and waste reduction programs.

Fiji Airways, with its commitment to providing quality service and maintaining strong connections between Fiji and the rest of the world, contributes significantly to the country’s tourism and economic development. Travelers often choose Fiji Airways for its unique blend of Fijian culture and efficient air travel services.