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It is a popular French car rental company that is headquartered in Paris. The company is widespread in some large cities, including Brisbane. It was founded in 1949 and therefore it can boast a great experience in car rental service. The car rental company can show off a large variety of positive feedback from all their clients. This company can show off a large variety of different models of their cars from cheap or fuel-efficient to luxurious cars with great interior or SUV cars. Also, some vans and other big vehicles are available for every Europcar user.

Europcar bne airport

Location of the rental car company

The enterprise has some offices in Brisbane where everybody can easily get to. Everybody can arrive there by train, bus, taxi or another Brisbane transfer service. Let’s consider main Europcar offices in the city and convenient ways to get there:

· The Domestic Terminal Office

It is located in the Brisbane airport Terminal on Level 1 close to Hertz and Thrifty offices. If the customer is in the other Terminal and he or she decides to walk, it will take approximately 10 minutes. Also, there are airtrain service and bus loop service which will take everybody fast to any of the Terminals.

· The International Terminal Office

This department is located in the eponymous Terminal on Level 2 also close to Thrifty or Hertz offices. In case of being in the Domestic Terminal the visitor can walk to the International Terminal. It will take about 10 minutes. But there is bus loop service and airtrain service which will take everybody fast and in time to their destination.

· Europcar in Brisbane Business District

It is located close to the central railway station of the city. One of the most convenient ways to get there is a train from the BNE airport. It will get people directly to the Europcar office. You can ask the staff there which will help you to find the right way.

Services and Facilities which are provided by Europcar

The car rental company provides their customers and consumers with loads of different services and a large variety of popular car models. Let’s consider some services and advantages which ensure customers to take Europcar vehicles:

  • Large experience in car rental industry;
  • Loads of different new and reliable models of cars;
  • Affordable prices and great range of cars in the storage;
  • Helpful staff and employees which can help everybody;
  •  Consultation with choosing a vehicle;
  • Reliable vehicles which are always clean while storing;
  •  Food and drink services which are available in the Europcar offices or close to them;
  • Wi-Fi access which is free and available everywhere close to Europcar offices;
  • A great hospitality to every visitor and welcoming environment;
  • Various different sales and frequent offers for customers;

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