China Airlines



Phone number: +886-2-412-9000

It is a famous and popular Taiwan airline company. China Airlines offers loads of different flights and destinations abroad in BNE airport. It can boast a great experience because it was founded in December 1959. The company has been serving scheduled and charter flights to mainland China since July 2008. Most of the flights in this market segment are made in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. The company has a good aircraft variety. There are some Airbus aircrafts like Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A350 and Boeings, such as Boeing 737-800, 747 and 777. Also, the airline codeshares with more than 20 airline companies, including Qantas.

Departures of China Airlines

Because the Taiwan airline company does not have its own Terminal to make flights, it codeshares with the Brisbane International Terminal. There are some usual flights which are available in Brisbane airport. Let’s consider them:

Auckland Airport
It is an International airport which is located in the eponymous city in New Zealand. There you will find a pleasant atmosphere with comfortable lounge services. Also, it is one of the most popular airports in Australia.

Taoyuan International Airport
It is a famous airport which serves northern Taiwan and Taipei. It is also the busiest airport in Taoyuan. The city is a popular all over the world place that serves loads of tourists worldwide. There are loads of different modern buildings and sights that highlight this city among others.

china bne airport

China Airlines Arrivals Terminal

Keep in mind that China Airlines codeshares with the International Terminal of BNE airport to make their flights, because it does not have its own Terminal. The airline offers the same flights as the previous ones. Also, let’s consider what services will be available for people who use China Airlines:

  • Onboard dining;
  • Special lounge services;
  • Affordable prices with great accommodations;
  • Special assistance for customers;
  • Pleasant atmosphere during every flight.
  • Services and Facilities of China Airlines

The airline company provides their passengers and customers with loads of different services which are available for all the passengers. One of the greatest advantages of China Airlines is great experience in aircraft. There you can also find helpful staff and employees, according to happy feedback. There are some classes like economy and business which are available for all customers. Let’s consider some of the China Airlines services that are available for all the passengers:

  • Booking services with round-the-clock support which will be very helpful for everybody;
  • Affordable prices and helpful pleasant options;
  • High-end qualified staff and experienced pilots that ensures the passengers safety;
  • Great and frequent sales on flights;
  • Exclusive discounts;
  • Food and drink services;
  • Reliable storage of passengers’ baggage;
  • Online management platform that helps people to make their flight successful;
  • New equipment and servicing the aircraft;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant atmosphere during the whole flight;
  • Wi-Fi facilities that are available while the flight;
  • TV, music, films and other options.