Alliance Airlines



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It is a famous and popular Australian domestic airline company which is headquartered in Brisbane. It is not a very old company. Alliance Airlines airline was founded in April 2002, but it has loads of experience with flights. It offers more than 45 different destinations. Also, there are some operational bases in Cairns, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and Townsville. The airline fleet size is 64. Most of the aircraft are Fokker 70 and 100. Also, Embraer 190 is operated by the airline.

Departures of Alliance Airlines

Since the airline company does not have its own Terminal to make flights, it codeshares with the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. It makes their flights successful. As mentioned above, there are more than 45 destinations which are offered by this airline. But there are not so many departures from Brisbane Airport. Let’s consider them:

Groote Eylandt

It is one of the largest islands in Australia. It is famous for its beautiful fauna and pleasant summer environment. There are loads of accommodations located close to Groote Eylandt airport. You can easily find some summer entertainment and facilities there.


It is easy to find a great and hot climate here. Everyone can find various high-end hotels which are located there. It is a hot and great place to attend the Australian summer entertainment.


This eponymous airport is located close to Staaten River National Park. There are loads of great places where everybody can get rest from all hassles, enjoy the great summer weather and admire some beautiful landscapes of Australia.

The Granites

This departure is done via Alliance Airlines. The Granites airport is located in Northern Australia.

Alliance Airlines Arrivals to Brisbane Airport

Take into consideration that this company does not have its own Terminal to make flights, so it codeshares with the International Terminal of BNE airport. There are some more flights available by the airline. Consider them:

Roma (Australia)

It is a hot town in Queensland. It is located approximately 300 kilometers from Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.


The eponymous airport is located in Queensland. The nearest city from here is Rockhampton. Also, it is located approximately 280 kilometers from the famous Coral Sea.


It is a hot place with loads of summer entertainment. Everybody can spend a great summer holiday there.

Services and Facilities of Alliance Airlines in BNE Airport

This airline provides their customers and passengers with various different services which are available for all the passengers. One of the greatest advantages of Alliance Airlines is great helpful staff and employees, according to its feedback. There are economy and business classes which are available for all customers. Let’s consider some of the Alliance Airlines services that are available for all the passengers:

  • Booking services with round-the-clock support which will be very helpful for everybody;
  • High-end qualified staff and experienced pilots that ensures the passengers safety;
  • Affordable prices and helpful pleasant options;
  • Wi-Fi facilities that are available while the flight;
  • Food and drink services;
  • Reliable storage of passengers’ baggage;
  • New equipment and servicing the aircraft;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant atmosphere during the whole flight; Inflight magazines which are located in lounges and aircraft. They have city guides, travel inspirations and adventure destinations with guides and maps to different attractive places that people like to visit;
  • TV, music, films and other options.