Air Niugini



Phone number: +61 7 3860 4161

The national Papua New Guinea airline which is headquartered in Port Moresby. This is one of the most popular Brisbane airport airlines which operates in the International Terminal. Air Niugini offers more than 25 different flight destinations from the airport. The airline company provides customers with loads of different interesting flights abroad. Usually flights from BNE airport to Port Moresby are in demand. Also there are various other flights which are offered by Air Niugini. Most of the flights, about 60 percent, are with the PNG government. An Australian airline group Ansett, famous and popular airline Qantas and also Trans Australia Airlines are the remaining 40% of the holding.

Air Niugini Arrivals in BNE Airport

Departures of Air Niugini

This airline codeshare with Brisbane International Terminal because of the absence of its own Terminal. Also, Air Niugini works with Qantas and Trans Australia Airlines.
One of the most common flights is Port Moresby. It is available in the International Terminal. That is the most popular and approximately one flight the visitor can book.

Air Niugini Arrivals in BNE Airport

Keep in mind that this company codeshare with Brisbane Domestic Terminal if it is a domestic flight. In the case of the international one, the airline uses the International Terminal. Also, Air Niugini works with Qantas and some other airlines. There are two common flights which are available, let’s consider them:


There is a primary airport serving in the eponymous city. Also, the airport is known as Tullamarine airport. The company offers a great service and pleasant atmosphere during every flight.

Port Moresby

This International airport works with Air Niugini. The airline provides customers with loads of different services and facilities which are available during any Air Niugini flight.

The Airline in Brisbane City

Air Niugini office is located in Brisbane business district. It is close to Post Office Square and near bus stop 27, Adelaide Street. It is easy to get there by bus and it is also the most affordable way. Also if someone wants to travel in a luxurious and comfortable vehicle he or she can take a taxi cab and get there. Also there are shuttle bus options in the city. Full office address is Level 3/97 Creek St, Brisbane QLD 4000.

Services and Facilities of Air Niugini in Brisbane Airport

The airline provides their customers and passengers with loads of different services which are available during the flight. First of all, this airline company is affordable according to passengers’ feedback. The airline offers two classes: business and economy. Also, it works with one of the most popular airline companies Qantas. These airlines have various positive and happy feedback. Let’s consider some of the Air Niugini services that are available for all the passengers:

  • Booking services with round-the-clock support which will help everyone;
  • High-end qualified staff and experienced pilots that ensures the passengers safety;
  • Affordable prices and pleasant options;
  • Wi-Fi access during the flight;
  • Food and drink services;
  • Qantas lounge and its services;
  • Reliable storage of passengers’ baggage;
  • Comfortable seats and pleasant atmosphere during the whole flight;
  • Duty-free shops which operate on international flights. The catalog of the shops is in the pocket of each passenger seat inside the aircraft.

TV, music, films and other options.

About the Airline and its history

Air Niugini launched its first international flight on February 6, 1976 on a Boeing 720. It was replaced by a regular flight of the Australian famous airline Qantas on a Boeing 707 the following year. During the second half of the 1970s, the airline operated only in the domestic air transportation market, using Fokker F28 jets and Fokker F27 turboprops. In 1984, the airline replaced two Boeing 707 with modern Airbus A300s, leased from Trans Australia Airlines. The airline acquired its first long-haul Boeing 767 which replaced Airbus aircraft on international scheduled flights in August 2002. At the end of the same year, Air Niugini entered into a codeshare agreement with Qantas. According to the contract, Qantas buys blocks of passenger seats on Air Niugini flights between Jackson International Airport and airports in Australia.